Weight Loss and Fast Food Don't Mix

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Weight Loss and The Foods You Eat

Losing weight has become an obsession in the United States and Canada. The numbers of obese people has steadily risen over the past 20 years as more people are able to afford to eat out at fast food places. These fast food places are everywhere in the larger cities and are even moving into the smaller towns around the country. At least one hamburger, pizza or chicken fast food place can be found in towns with more then a thousand people or so. You usually do not have to drive more than 10 to 15 minutes to be at one of these places close to you. The price of a meal is usually between $5 to $10 with some specials as low as a couple of dollars. Many people eat out more often then they eat at home. These fast foods are not known to be healthy but are usually loaded with a high fat content and are of very low nutritional value. The consumption of quality food that is cooked and eaten in the home has become a luxury because fast food is now part of daily cooking. Stuff that was at one time cooked by hand now comes out of a box or can. Look on the box and can and see all the fat that is listed. Cooking from scratch gives you control over your food. You can make it healthy if you want to. Statistics show that half of all women in the United States do not know how to prepare a home cooked meal. This is a not such a shocking statistic when you look around and see the number of food places and restaurants in this country which makes it so easy to just eat out or order delivery to your home. When a person moves to a new area one of the first things they do with their cell phone is program into their phone a bunch of phone numbers to all the fast food and good eating places in the area.

Eating Fast Food Puts The Weight On

5 Incredibly Healthy Food Alternatives To French Fries And Burgers, And They Taste Good!

No matter what you're made of, you'll add on weight the moment you get into the habit of eating greasy fast foods. They may look like an escape route to saving time when you don't want to cook, and they may trick you into believing they are the tastiest foods around. But wait, don't give in to the gentle allure of fast food restaurants that attract you with beautiful colors. What they are selling is just fast foods--nothing other than pizzas, greasy hamburgers or French fries. Furthermore, these are the very foods that health experts are warning you about.

In fact, it's not just a warning they are sounding, these foods are real threats as far as healthy diet is concerned, and they've inflicted injustice on people who have eaten them everyday. Furthermore, these foods are often the major cause of heart diseases, including obesity that we're currently trying to fight very hard. Don't believe it when they tell you, ''blame it on your genes'' because you can always choose to eat healthy and reduce that weight, no matter how heavy you are.

If you're already into that lifestyle, this article will help you find healthy alternatives that taste great, just like pizzas and the rest. On the other hand, if you've been eating healthy all along, you can get useful insights to continue keeping fit. So here we go, hope you'll quit going to the restaurants for quick serves.

Our 5 Top Picks

1. Balanced weight loss shake (A Protein Shake with berries, bananas, apples or some other type of fruit blended in)
It would only be fair that we start with breakfast because that's where most of us start from in readiness for the day. Try a shake or a smoothie for something cool or tasty in the morning. This balanced diet nutritional drink will provide you with 180 calories, plenty of carbohydrates, vitamins, as well as minerals, all coming in a natural-flavored chocolate or French vanilla. Each serving comes with 5g or more of dietary fiber which gives you that full feeling. In total, many balanced weight loss shakes contains 25% or more of the daily minimum recommended vitamins and minerals by American Heart Association.

What you're getting: By taking balanced diet shake every morning, you'll save 60 calories on a daily basis, plus 6g of fat compared to what you're getting from other products in the market.

2. Lender's bagel: Toasted and plain, combined with natural jam
It's a fact that frozen bagel can't match fresh ones, but they are easier to obtain for many people. Furthermore, toasting brings it to nearest perfection. After you are done, just spread your sweetest natural jam.

What you're getting: You'll be saving anywhere between 160-360 calories and 10g of fat compared to similar bagels you normally get at fast food joints where they are normally spread with cream cheese.

Note: Eating lunch is essential for your weight loss plan. It boosts your energy levels and keeps your metabolism on check.

3. Boca Burger: Grilled vegetable option
This is your alternative to high-fat-American BBQ staple. It's zesty, and vegetarian. It contains soy, red-bell pepper, zucchini, onion, garlic and some cheese.

When it comes to providing toppings, add some tomatoes, lettuce and ketchup and you won't notice the difference from your regular fat-filled burger. It's also a great source of proteins for you.

What you're getting: You'll save up to 180 calories and 19g of fat compared to your typical beef burger.

4. Subway roast beef sandwich
If you can't live without meat, that's okay because there's an alternative for you. Meat is often a great source of proteins, iron and minerals. However, the subway lean beef sandwich (roasted), contains 264 calories and 4.5g of fat, and that's when you prepare in as a balanced diet. Balanced diet means combining it with lettuce, tomatoes and veggies.

What you're getting: You'll save at least 100 calories and 12g of fats, and that's when you compare it with tuna salad sub. However, the classic meatball sub saves you up to 20g of fat.

5. Valley chili
Healthy soup will always make an excellent weight loss arsenal. Valley chili can be health, fat-free and filled with fibers. What we've come to like about this soup is the fact that people save up to 200 calories and 22g fat, compared to restaurant-served soup.

In Closing Stay Away From Fatty Foods

Still interested in ''best foods weight loss?'' Read more on our weight loss site and start with the foods mentioned above and see the change. You realize that these are perfect substitutes to French fries that you love so much, yet they taste great. They are even more delicious compared to those fatty foods some people are addicted to.