Water As A Weight Loss Drink
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How Water And Weight Loss Goes Together

Are you tired of diet pills and all those cleanses on the market? A recent new study talks about one of the most effective weight loss drinks is easily available and you use it every day. Water, yes every day house hold water that comes out your kitchen faucet. Water has been found to be one of the most effective weight loss drinks and it cost practically nothing. In many of the health and weight loss magazines, blogs and health shows I see and watch talks about drinking two 8 ounce glasses of water before breakfast, lunch, and dinner and then fit in 2 more 8oz glasses of water during the day. Drinking water has actually helped people lose weight. If you add cutting back on the size of portions you eat you will probably lose even more weight. If you drink one 8oz glass of water before you eat and then another 8oz glass with the start of your meal you will probable find that you feel full before you finish eating your meal. The water takes up space in your stomach and requires very little will power and is easy to incorporate into your weight loss or weight maintenance plan. The standard for drinking water to lose weight is to drink 8-8oz glasses of water a day.

Hungry or Thirsty?

Here is something I read the other day and was not aware of. The article I read said that many times when you feel hungry you really are not hungry but instead just thirsty. I had no idea that our mind sometimes confuses hunger with thirst. Next time you find yourself feeling hungry between meals try drinking some cold water. See if that satisfies your hunger. Because water fills us up it tends to keep us from over eating and sometimes just a cool drink of water will cause the hunger attack to pass. You are saving yourself calories every time you do this.

Drinking Water Boost Your Metabolism

Most people do not drink enough water on a regular basis. Some times our body is actually at a state of dehydration and we do not even know it.  Dehydration is our body's enemy because it slows down bodily functions and also slows down our metabolism. Our metabolism slows down to conserve energy when we have not had enough water to drink. Drinking water has actually been proven to help your body to burn calories. You body needs about 8-8oz glasses of water a day to properly function. During exercise or doing strenuous work where you sweat a lot you may actually need even more water. So dehydration can prohibit the fat-burning process by slowing down a persons metabolism. Here is a tip to speed up your metabolism in the morning when you first wake up. Drink a glass or two of ice water. Your body will speed up its metabolism up just to warm up the cold water you drank. This increase in metabolism adds to your weight loss efforts by burning off a few more calories then if you had not drank that cold water. Doing a lot of small simple things to save calories, burn calories or not eat calories will all add up at the end of the day to save or burn several hundred calories a day. Over a month this could add up to several pounds and a year it could be 20 pounds or more. All this by drinking water.

Pink Drink For Weight Loss - Garcinia Cambogia

Add one more drink a day to help you lose weight. Make it the Plexus Pink Drink for weight loss. Just add the tasty powder to 8 to 16 oz of water and shake for a refreshing drink that has garcinia cambogia in it.  Garcinia cambogia is known in the weight loss industry as one of the most effective products to take the weight off. This drink has been used by people for years to help them lose weight and keep it off.